Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: How do I enter to win?

    A: Entering is easy!
    1. Follow MapleviewCentre on Instagram.
    2. Register your Instagram name (you’ll only have to do this once!) on
    3. Snap a photo of your style, in the specified theme (if there is one) for that month’s contest.
    4. Share your photo on Instagram and hashtag both #MAPLEVIEWMUSE and that month’s specific hashtag, while tagging @MAPLEVIEWCENTRE.

    That’s it! See this month’s contest for all the details you need to enter and win today!

  • Q: Do I have to register each time there is a new contest giveaway?

    No, once you’ve registered a Mapleview Muse account once, you’re a member of the Mapleview Muse community, and eligible to upload looks for any subsequent contests.

  • Q: How do you select the winner?

    A: One monthly winner is selected through in a random draw. There’s also a secondary winner each month, and that one’s based on who gets the most ‘adores.’

  • Q: Can I tag an old photo on my Instagram account and be eligible to win?

    A: Your photo must be uploaded during the specified contest period (as well as tagged with #MAPLEVIEWMUSE and the current contest hashtag, while tagging @MAPLEVIEWCENTRE) to be considered a valid entry.

  • Q: Can I submit the same outfit multiple times with the contest hashtags?

    A: You can submit as many entries as you like per contest, but each upload should feature a new look, or a creative new way of looking at the same outfit. In other words, please don’t upload many identical or very similar photos!

  • Q: What if my Instagram account is private? Can I still enter?

    A: No. We must be able to see your entry, so your Instagram account has to be set to public to be eligible for a Mapleview Muse prize.

  • Q: I don’t want to become a Muse, but I want to adore and comment on looks. Can I do this?

    A: For sure! Simply register by clicking “Login” and then the “Register Now” button. It’ll only take a few seconds create a username and start adoring.

  • Q: If I change my username on Instagram, will my username on Mapleview Muse change with it?

    A: No. You will have to reregister your new Instagram account with Mapleview Muse and post new looks there. The looks, adores, and comments associated with your old Mapleview Muse account won’t appear in your new one.

  • Q: I am registered with Mapleview Muse to adore and comment, but now I want to become a Muse and post looks. How do I do that?

    A: If you are registered on Mapleview Muse to adore and comment but want to become a Muse, simply click the "Become a Muse" button. The registration form will populate your current username and allow you to fill in the rest of the registration. It’s pretty seamless.